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Work with Us
AMP Staffing Network is always recruiting qualified professional nurses to join our team. If you have at least one year of acute care experience, we kindly ask you to apply with us and take control of your nursing career now. Work when you want to work, control your own schedule. We have an number of rewarding assignments waiting for you! Please send and email your resume to or contact us at 562-865-3807.
Thank you for applying!
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Fulfill your requirement
Fulfill Your Requirement
We offer a variety of nursing
services designed to provide supplemental staffing in all
areas of hospital, private duty,
and home health care that
deliver a high quality,
yet cost effective nursing team.
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Get Referral Bonus
Get Referral Bonus
Refer us qualified nurses
and make extra money!
We are always looking to add RNs,
LVNs, and CNAs to our
growing team. The Referral
Bonus Award is an incentive award
granted to fellow nurses, family, and
friends who brings new experienced talent to AMP Staffing Network.
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